Lune Croissanterie, worth the hype ?

I’ve always wanted to try Lune long before they were crown the world’s best croissant by the New York Times. Heard lots of good thing about Lune, but does it really that good ? For me, to categorised it as “good” really depends on each individual, some may say it good, while others don’t.

So, I set my alarm to 5am, tried to wake up early that day, called Uber and reached there at around 7 ( well because it took me so long to get prepared ). It was raining, not too hard, but cold enough for us standing outside in middle of winter morning. Ordered hot chocolate while waiting, tried taking a peek inside knowing they actually have pretty big space to fit all of us.





Ordered almost all on the menu, and not long after that, they arrived with the box that filled with these babies, except for cruffin, I guess they just forgot, and we did not have the energy to queue all over again nor trying to ask the staff, because they seems to be very busy.

For me, well I still think they are nice, delicious. But to be very honest, their croissants are not on my top list. They are beautifully structured, but they are just lack in fragrance, and the center is too moist. Don’t get me wrong, they still taste good, but for my own personal preference, I still prefer the one from Echire in Japan. However, I found another favorite from this store, It is their twice-baked sticky date croissant with ice cream. Their sticky date taste just nice with the croissant, so if I would be back next time, I know what to order. Such a shame we didn’t get to try their cruffin, but I believe there’s always another chance.

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