Roller coaster life

I keep reminding myself that sometimes life is unpredictable, what you already planned might not work the way you want it to be. But when it’s too much to handle, sometimes i wonder what bad things did i do in my past life to deserve these. I’ve always been very grateful with my life, though it wasn’t always perfect, but good enough to feel grateful. When i have some obstacles, i keep telling myself to have positive mindset, because whatever your worry is, it won’t solve your problem, same as what i say to my friends. That is easy, but trust me if you are experiencing it yourself, no matter how hard you try to say positive thinking, positive thinking, and positive thinking, they are nothing but worry. Believe me, you may have tell your friend that you are fine, but I know how anxious you feel inside.

I still believe that there’s nothing too much to handle, I am still living my day like how it used to be, but I don’t like this feeling, you know….. waking up with nothing but worry, I couldn’t sleep either, feeling like a zombie without a soul. I know ( or should i say I believe) that something amazing is going to happen next, in my life. But meanwhile, I should stay like this, because these are the things that could make me stronger. Sigh, self motivating again.

Till then, hopefully i have a better day tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after day after.


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