Across the Manhattan, Dumbo

There always this vibes and feeling about Brooklyn that you can’t get it in Manhattan. A place that’s having its own magnificent charm. I do think this place offers wide range of good foods and nice place to chill especially when sun goes down in the evening. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay until this late as I had other place on scheduled. You probably need more days if you are planning to come to New York for the first time. Trust me, New York is not just about the Times Square nor Fifth Ave.








You should have known that I always carry around my flat whenever I walk with high heels on. I mean, wearing high heels in Indonesia is a different story, and I am so amazed with people who could walk in their heels while they are on travel. Salute !





Don’t dream of having your picture with no one on your background, because this place is packed !


Till next post


Dreaming of Central Park + Top of the Rock

Yes ! this is the place that I always been dreaming of, I don’t know why, but when people were talking about New York, this was the one that always popped out my mind. I dreamt of having a picnic here with my friends, sharing a nice talk, enjoying cupcakes and sandwiches under a giant spectacular tree. Oh my ! another reason to visit New York once again.






tadaaa the one with red lipstick, because mom’s said my lip was too pale and I need to add more colour







We then went to stroll the Madison Ave, and got my first Schutz shoes there, searched online and can only be found here or LA. Time passed and It was nearly sunset when we reached Rockefeller, made my way up to Top of the rock and man It was beautiful, I never been a person who would be spending my money on this skyscraper thingy, but this one is exceptional !





From here, it was a short distance walk to the Halal Guy, settled our dinner there and then went back to sleep before our other adventure the next day.

NYC Diary : Grand Central Terminal and Times Square

Back in writing, sorry for the long gap in between my previous post. I still have lots to cover, and just New York alone wouldn’t be enough with just one post, but let’s finish it up one by one shall we ?

I stayed around Times Square, and we could easily just walked towards the Grand Central Terminal, but me being with the elders, or rather I should say peoples who aren’t used to walk a lot (read: Indonesian), I should find the alternatives for not letting them walk too much. Uber was very useful during our whole stay in New York, we never ever took subway, although I really had this urge to try it, just how the locals do, but let’s forget it.


Nothing’s more New York than taking a picture with yellow cab





Absorbing the Serena Van der Woodsen vibes


Nah, not a bad idea at all


So after this, we walked all the way to Times Square, because come on, It just right around the corner, and I found it funny for taking a car there.


Bad lighting, and traffics in New York wasn’t that bad compare to Jakarta








Upon reaching Times Square, I was prepared to get mesmerised like how the others did. But me, I only had this thought : well, so this is Times Square, oh wow……

Ooopsss I did not mean to say that It wasn’t special, It’s great to see how lively this place. Maybe they are better during Christmas ? I don’t know. What do you guys think ?

My only regret is that I didn’t get to watch any shows on Broadway, I always has this dream of watching shows on the real Broadway, not when they are doing their tours, that’s why i always refuse to watch any of them while they were having it in Singapore. This means there will be another trip to New York for this unchecked list.

NYC Diary : Greenwich Village

Big apple is surely one of everyone’s dream. Had a chance to visit this wonderful city and oh my they are just too magical. Peoples are everywhere, but me being me, trying to be at those place where I can spend some “me” time where I can just walk leisurely absorbing the greatest thing that New York can offer.

Greenwich village is on of those neighbourhood that caught my attention. It is where Magnolia bakery located (tried them once in Dubai before, honestly their cupcakes were not my favourite, but please try their chocolate bread pudding ! I bet my life on those ! ). And if you are a fan of Carrie from SATC, you may want to wait for your Mr. Big here.

Came straight off the plane, still jet lagged, but thankfully I didn’t experienced very bad jet lag during the time I visited New York, had a very good sleep that night, woke up at 2am, but that was the only night I woke up this early, and the rests of the night were just converted instantly into the time zone there, maybe this is that they called “Jetlag is for the amateur”


Please try their bread pudding ! I don’t normally eat banana but this one is an exception



Below is where Carrie’s house of SATC was filmed, everybody were busy taking picture with this particular house, but seriously everything on this row or this neighbourhood are pretty, I couldn’t even blink my eye’s off.




Don’t mind if I was borrowing your house Sir/Mam, because I just wish I can own one

Next, we were walking towards the Joe’s pizza because It was pretty close from here





New York style pizza right on my hand, and let me tell you the way how Newyorker eats their pizza, fold them in half, open your mouth, and Yum !

Great ocean road and the 12 apostles

Great ocean road is known for its scenic drive along the coastal reef. It was truly a life changing experience for all of us. We started off a little bit late than our scheduled time, but still managed to go Pie Face to grab some breakfasts.

Stopped for a while at the Great ocean road entrance, because we are tourists, we should take picture there, right ? well I like to be called traveller instead of tourist, but hey It was my first time there, so gotta do all the touristy stuffs.



Next stop would be the apollo bay, we were there for lunch. Had fish and chip at some random restaurant, they taste just okay, but this scallop pie below from Apollo Bay bakery was good with lots lots lots of scallop meat inside.


Strolled around apollo bay before continuing our journey to the 12 apostles, reached there at around 3pm, walked towards the 12 apostles, and trust me, if I said the entrance of Great ocean road was crowded, this is way more than that. Very hard to have picture taken because we were there almost sunset, we had the sun on the opposite side therefore creating backlight.


couldn’t get the picture with me inside, so here is the view, no longer twelve though

Rushed towards the loch ard gorge right after this


Find this background to be more photogenic



We then passed through the London Bridge but didn’t stop as it was already dark. The drive back home was really really dark, no street lights at all and people there got mad when we turned our high beams lights on, we didn’t mean to but we really couldn’t see the road without the help of that. We should really thank Clinton ( thanks Clinton ! ), because he drove alone along the journey, 10 hours drive, I myself won’t even survive to drive this long.

For me, this trip was good, but I won’t recommend a day trip there, it was too tiring and we couldn’t see much in just few hours there, I believe this should be taken slowly, staying overnight along the great ocean stretch would be a good idea.

Roller coaster life

I keep reminding myself that sometimes life is unpredictable, what you already planned might not work the way you want it to be. But when it’s too much to handle, sometimes i wonder what bad things did i do in my past life to deserve these. I’ve always been very grateful with my life, though it wasn’t always perfect, but good enough to feel grateful. When i have some obstacles, i keep telling myself to have positive mindset, because whatever your worry is, it won’t solve your problem, same as what i say to my friends. That is easy, but trust me if you are experiencing it yourself, no matter how hard you try to say positive thinking, positive thinking, and positive thinking, they are nothing but worry. Believe me, you may have tell your friend that you are fine, but I know how anxious you feel inside.

I still believe that there’s nothing too much to handle, I am still living my day like how it used to be, but I don’t like this feeling, you know….. waking up with nothing but worry, I couldn’t sleep either, feeling like a zombie without a soul. I know ( or should i say I believe) that something amazing is going to happen next, in my life. But meanwhile, I should stay like this, because these are the things that could make me stronger. Sigh, self motivating again.

Till then, hopefully i have a better day tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after day after.


Picking up new hobby

Last Saturday, I had a flower arrangement workshop at my favorite florist in Singapore. I love flowers, I think they are just too pretty to be seen. Some may think flowers are a waste of money. Yes, flowers are expensive, but having them occasionally won’t hurt right. I’ve always focused on baking and I think this is the time to pick up new skills.

The workshop was fun, I’ve got a hands-on experience, and creating my own centerpiece arrangement.






Lune Croissanterie, worth the hype ?

I’ve always wanted to try Lune long before they were crown the world’s best croissant by the New York Times. Heard lots of good thing about Lune, but does it really that good ? For me, to categorised it as “good” really depends on each individual, some may say it good, while others don’t.

So, I set my alarm to 5am, tried to wake up early that day, called Uber and reached there at around 7 ( well because it took me so long to get prepared ). It was raining, not too hard, but cold enough for us standing outside in middle of winter morning. Ordered hot chocolate while waiting, tried taking a peek inside knowing they actually have pretty big space to fit all of us.





Ordered almost all on the menu, and not long after that, they arrived with the box that filled with these babies, except for cruffin, I guess they just forgot, and we did not have the energy to queue all over again nor trying to ask the staff, because they seems to be very busy.

For me, well I still think they are nice, delicious. But to be very honest, their croissants are not on my top list. They are beautifully structured, but they are just lack in fragrance, and the center is too moist. Don’t get me wrong, they still taste good, but for my own personal preference, I still prefer the one from Echire in Japan. However, I found another favorite from this store, It is their twice-baked sticky date croissant with ice cream. Their sticky date taste just nice with the croissant, so if I would be back next time, I know what to order. Such a shame we didn’t get to try their cruffin, but I believe there’s always another chance.