NYC Diary : Grand Central Terminal and Times Square

Back in writing, sorry for the long gap in between my previous post. I still have lots to cover, and just New York alone wouldn’t be enough with just one post, but let’s finish it up one by one shall we ?

I stayed around Times Square, and we could easily just walked towards the Grand Central Terminal, but me being with the elders, or rather I should say peoples who aren’t used to walk a lot (read: Indonesian), I should find the alternatives for not letting them walk too much. Uber was very useful during our whole stay in New York, we never ever took subway, although I really had this urge to try it, just how the locals do, but let’s forget it.


Nothing’s more New York than taking a picture with yellow cab





Absorbing the Serena Van der Woodsen vibes


Nah, not a bad idea at all


So after this, we walked all the way to Times Square, because come on, It just right around the corner, and I found it funny for taking a car there.


Bad lighting, and traffics in New York wasn’t that bad compare to Jakarta








Upon reaching Times Square, I was prepared to get mesmerised like how the others did. But me, I only had this thought : well, so this is Times Square, oh wow……

Ooopsss I did not mean to say that It wasn’t special, It’s great to see how lively this place. Maybe they are better during Christmas ? I don’t know. What do you guys think ?

My only regret is that I didn’t get to watch any shows on Broadway, I always has this dream of watching shows on the real Broadway, not when they are doing their tours, that’s why i always refuse to watch any of them while they were having it in Singapore. This means there will be another trip to New York for this unchecked list.